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I did it. Survived CrossFit class #2.

12-29-2012 9-46-50 AM

The first class I attended was an introductory one choc-full thanks to an expiring Living Social deal. This past week, there were far less people which allowed me to experience more of what a typical class is like.


For starters, we did a more extensive warm-up. I think part of the reason for my resulting muscle soreness the week before was that I didn’t stretch enough before/after class.

We went back and forth across the floor doing lunges, high knees, and a “new to me” move: the inch worm.

Inch-worm CrossFit warm-up

(I’m completely jealous of her push-up abilities…)

Then it was time to get the heart rate up a bit and get things moving.

crossfit warm up 1-4-13

(What’s a pass-through you ask? Joe Montana will answer that for you)

Workout of the Day

PicMonkey Collage- WOD 1-4-13

Before we started I had to learn what on earth a “power snatch” was. Sounds like a Harry Potter quidditch term (sorry, Z and I are re-watching all the movies at the moment). Instead it is a type of weight-lifting move the likes of which I’ve only seen done by big bulky men on tv. Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

Power snatch technique.

Starting with the bar at your shins, the idea is to gain momentum by quickly straightening up, thrusting your hips forward, and hopping to get under the bar. When the Coach was explaining it she assured me that it’s a technique you develop over time; the lift itself is made up of many different components. By focusing on one aspect at a time you can more easily build that foundation you need.

I did my best but I’m sure I looked utterly ridiculous. Trying to remember all the different components while lifting 40 pounds over my head was quite a challenge. If nothing else I worked muscles in my shoulders I didn’t even know I had!

After 10 snatches came 12 push-up (I fake-it til I make it with those).

Finally 10 jump squats “OTB” or over the bar. Since I didn’t have much weight on my bar it was practically on the ground, oh well.

I  managed to get through all 5 rounds in 12:04. Looking back I probably spent a good portion of that time trying to figure out that stupid power snatch.

Since everyone was finished and we still had time left in the class we had one more challenge ahead of us: an “after-party.” No it did not involve the consumption of late night beverages…

We were divided in to teams of two. In relay race fashion, one person had to “farmer walk” four-lengths of the room as fast as they could…

Kettlebell farmer walk.

…because your teammate was to be holding themselves in a chin-up for as long as it took you to finish.

Neither my partner nor I were up to that duration of hanging so thankfully we were able to use resistance bands to help us out. These bands come in various levels and can help you learn proper form for chin-ups or pull-ups.

Band assisted pull ups

I went with the thickest, most supportive option and was pleasantly surprised at how helpful it was. It gave me enough support that I wasn’t fatiguing my arms and allowed me to focus on proper form. Another new skill to work on!

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the class overall. I learned new things that I never thought I’d be doing and really liked the relay-style, team-based workout at the end. Two classes down, two more to go!