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I have another fun and easy craft project to share today…

DIY world travel map

For his birthday last year, I wanted to get Z a travel map…a place where we could put pins in all the places we’ve been and make goals for places we’d like to go. However a quick google search will show you that they are not the cheapest of purchases…


I didn’t quite have the budget for that so decided to make one of my own!

I started by purchasing a laminated, colorful National Geographic print off of Amazon (roughly 2.5ft x 3.5ft).


Next up, a trip to Michael’s where I found this thin roll of cork board.


My first idea was to glue the map to the cork. But seeing as how I was faced with a slippery laminated surface and a porous cork surface I wasn’t quite sure what kind of substance would hold those two together. So….I decided to skip that step!

Instead, Z nailed the cork directly into the wall along the edges.


From there we used regular thumb tacks to hold the map to the cork. I’d like to find fancier ones in the future, but clear ones were all we had so I went with it.


Then came the fun part. Mapping our travels!

Blue = places we’ve both been. Starting with where we live…


Red= places K’s been. Green= places Z’s been.


I’ve been to pretty much every state in New England/Mid-Atlantic but there were only so many red pins so I just went with the general areas.

It was fun to think back about all the amazing trips and experiences the two of us have had. Z didn’t know about my trip to Spain and France the summer after 8th grade. See? We’re still learning new things about each other!

The only picture I could find on my computer from that trip was this one:


The first and only time I’ve ever had a caricature drawn was on the streets of Madrid. True story.

The only problem with this travel map is that it makes us want to get out and see the world (even more than we normally do) just so we can put more pins in. Can’t wait to keep adding to it!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What’s the furthest from home you’ve ever traveled?