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2012 is now behind us and a new year welcomed in. My goal for 2013: maintain healthy eating and workout habits in order to get in the best shape I can for my December destination wedding. Nothing says motivation quite like having to wear white (an unforgiving color) in a tropical destination (helloooo bathing suits).

Z and I started out the New Year continuing the good habits we started in 2012….

SUNDAY- 12/30

I rolled out of bed and started the day with a 2 minute plank. We haven’t done our plank-a-day in awhile so that, combined with left over sore abs from CrossFit, left me shaking at the 2-minute mark.

Goal for 2013: increase max plank time.

I then did this quick Tara Stiles routine to get everything nice and stretched.

Get up and streeeeeeeeeeeeetch

I had a shortened day at work so planned a run for the afternoon. After a trip to Target (our animal cracker supply was low) Z and I stopped at Druid Hill Park for a run around the lake.

Druid Hill Park Lake Run

A freeeeeezing 1.32 miles.

We had the best of intentions, really. Ultimately the bitter wind on top of the 39 degree temperatures left me absolutely miserable. We called it quits after one lap around the lake. I was not happy but I suppose 1.3 miles is better than no miles at all.

imageK gives thumbs down

NOT a happy camper

MONDAY- 12/31

Last day of 2012! Finished strong with one last PB Fingers circuit…

PB Fingers Weekend Circuit Workout


Back to dance class I went and boy did it feel good. It had been three weeks since I had a good stretch. Overall it was a laid back class in order to get everyone back in the swing of things. Speaking of swing, we ended the evening by learning some Lindy Hop choreography. I love learning new styles of dance and this is a fun and upbeat one!

What is Lindy Hop? Watch below as two of my favorite So You Think Can Dance contestants demonstrate…

Towards the end of our class we partnered up and got to make up a short routine of our own. Not quite sure it was up to the level of Lacey & Neil (see above), but it was still fun.


I’m trying to start the new year right and continuing to aim for that “two runs per week” goal.

Z and I bundled up (41 degrees of fun) and headed out on our usual route after he picked me up from work. I listed to the ‘N SYNC station on I Heart Radio and let me tell you my teeny bopper self loved it.

First three tracks:

  1. Larger Than Life- Backstreet Boys
  2. MmmmmBop- Hanson
  3. Tearin’ Up My Heart- ‘N SYNC

Does it get any better than that?! I found myself singing along in my head rather than focusing on the cold so it worked out quite nicely.

Fells Point Canton promendade run



We decided to turn our usual second strength workout of the week into a trip back to CrossFit. They offered a 1-2pm class which allowed us a nice break in our day otherwise filled with chores around the house.

As I write this today I am still feeling the effects of yesterday’s class however I did a much better job of stretching before and after this time. Gold star for me.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite Pandora/I Heart Radio station?