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It’s hard to believe that it’s been six whole months already!


Finding My Groove and Setting My Goals

My first post was back on June 23rd and was entitled, “My Inspiration.” It was my way of explaining why on earth I decided to start a blog in the first place.

Looking back at those first posts I remember feeling a sense of pressure to be like other healthy living bloggers. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, yes, but what if I wasn’t working out enough? what if I wasn’t eating the “trendy” things? what if my pictures weren’t as good?

It took me a bit to get in a groove and find my own style. I like that my blog is “me”. It’s not just a fitness blog, because working out isn’t the only thing in my life. It’s not just a food blog, because I’m still learning my way around the kitchen. It’s not just a “what I did today” blog, because I work 40hrs a week and simply don’t have time for that. Instead it’s a hodge-podge of the things I enjoy: food, fitness, traveling, photography, crafts, decorating, family and friends.

I started the blog with a few simple goals:

  • Record my workouts in order to hold myself accountable, stay motivated, and celebrate my accomplishments.
  • Take more pictures in order to better document life (I had been slacking on that previously).
  • Share fun recipes, craft ideas, wedding plans, and travel with our families, all of which live out of state.

With these goals in mind, I have found a creative outlet for myself that is unlike anything I do in my “day job.”  I enjoy writing about things that I’m passionate about and sharing my pictures instead of sentencing them to a life hidden on my computer.

Figures and Favorites

In reality I expected only Z, my family, and close friends to read my blog. In the past six months my posts have been viewed over 10,000 times! This includes people from all over the world, which amazes me.


A lot of people get here through various search engines. Here are some of the most popular phrases that brought people to my blog:

And then there were some more unique ones:

  • Zoologist with animals (Yes I am one and yes I work with them.)
  • Tj waffle at the adventure park (Sounds like my kind of theme park!)
  • Bulletproof vest black (Z’s weighted vest does in fact look like one.)
  • Funny couple in love (I’d like to think we are.)
  • Grilled cheese octagon (I don’t know what this is but it sounds delicious.)

Besides those mentioned above, other popular posts included:

This leads me to believe that people love anything having to do with weddings, they are interested in trying out new restaurants, and they want to know who on earth this blog belongs to.

It was fun to pull up these stats and see how far I’ve come. I’d love to be able to reach even more people and hopefully inspire at least one person to be crafty and creative, to try new foods and to stay active.

A Community of Bloggers

Shortly after I started the blog I became a member of Healthy Living Blogs and was instantly welcomed into a great community of people working towards living healthy lifestyles. The HLB website and twitter feed are a great source of recipe ideas, workout tips, and interesting posts by fellow bloggers.


Although I do have a lot, here are my favorite sites to visit while enjoying my morning cup of coffee:

A Note of Thanks

To anyone reading this who is not my immediate family: thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet…much appreciated.

Six months down, many more to come!