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Over the summer Z and I were good about scheduling regular date nights. A chance to get dressed up in something other than t-shirts and hoodies and check out local restaurants we’ve been meaning to try. DSC00224

Next thing you know it was fall, then winter and jobs/schedules/holidays/ general life got in the way. I’ll be honest, for the past couple months we’ve been slacking.

So when Z suggested it for last night I agreed…but with the caveat that we stay in instead of going out. It was our first night at home, just the two of us, with nothing else planned in almost a week. Not to mention with the holidays coming and going, saving money sounded like a good idea. Z agreed. It was a date.

While I was at work yesterday evening Z was busy planning a special “Night In Date Night.”

I arrived home to find the table set, complete with candlelight and hors d’oeuvres.


Z was busy in the kitchen, preparing dinner.


I asked if I could help in any way but the only thing he let me do was open a bottle of wine. We went with the rosé from Rappahannock Cellars. It’s light with a hint of bubbles, and most importantly not overly sweet.


While we waited for dinner to finish cooking we looked through some old pictures he brought back from his parents house. There were certainly some gems! We came across the era where Z felt it necessary to make some sort of hand gesture (peace sign or something of the sort) in almost every picture he was in. Ah, memories…


A short while later, dinner was finished. Homemade bbq chicken and butternut squash pizza.


We sat at the table like normal people for a change. A nice change from our usual–dinner in front of the tv.


Z did such a great job and made the evening special with just a few small changes from our normal routine. This goes to show you that date night doesn’t have to be a big production—fancy dinners, movies, shows, etc. It’s about spending quality time with the person you love no matter where that may be.

Now this means it’s MY turn to plan the next one…