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Despite having to work Christmas Day, Z and I were lucky enough to have family willing to make the drive down here to Baltimore.

The plan was to celebrate with my parents the day before Christmas. We started the off by playing tourist at Fort McHenry.


The cold temperatures and breeze off the water made for chilly sight-seeing. Thankfully there were a few heated indoor exhibits which we lingered in.

Once sufficiently frozen we headed back to our house for lunch and dinner prep.

Z was in charge of the ham. He found a recipe and even made his own glaze!


In the meantime Mom and I tackled sweet potatoes …077

… and a delicious dessert. More on the that later, but for now here’s a peek at the ingredients.


Wine was opened (of course). Mom brought along a bottle of chardonnay from Whitecliff Vineyards.


When 5:00 rolled around we were ready to eat!


I read online that pinot noir is recommended for pairing with ham. We picked out two different bottles based on their descriptions. Fruit with hints of caramel and vanilla—sounded like a winner to me. We opened both and had a tasting before committing to an entire glass.


Unfortunately I wasn’t an overwhelming fan of either but settled on the Coastal Estates as the better of the two.

After dinner it was time to open gifts!

From my brother (he obviously knows us well).


On my wish-list to Mom: new running headphones!


Z was so excited about this high quality tequila from my parents that he just had to sample it.


Mom and Dad’s turn!


Topping off the evening—dessert!


Our first time hosting Christmas? A success!


But the holiday fun didn’t stop there. After working 10-2pm Christmas Day I came home to these wonderful people waiting for me. Z’s family had driven down from Pennsylvania around lunchtime.


Z had planned out the entire Christmas dinner and he and Kristi spent the afternoon in the kitchen while the rest of us got sucked in to an addicting marathon of House Hunters.

Our dinner included lamb roast, cheesy zucchini bake and best of all this no-bake dessert that caught my eye…


The best part? Z (and Kristi) did it all. I didn’t have to lift a finger! I’m a lucky gal…

Hope your Christmas was equally as great!

Question of the day: What was your favorite gift?