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For quite some time Z and I have talked about taking a trip to New York City. Growing up in Salt Point just two hours north of it, I went all the time. Z on the other hand had never been.

With the time off I had this week we decided to finally cross a trip to the city off the to-do list.  A forecast of rainy weather threatened to cancel our plans altogether. Luckily there was one day of sun the entire week—Wednesday. We proposed the idea to our parents and they decided to get in on it too!

The plan: drive to PA and spend the night at the B&B with Z’s parents, leave first thing in the morning for NYC, meet up with my Mom at Bryant Park (taking the train), spend the day seeing the sights, drive back to B&B.

Sure it would make for a lonnnnng day but it would save us money on a hotel room.

With Steve and Kristi’s impending move this would be our last stay at The Westridge Guest House. We were in my favorite room, The Victorian, all decorated for the holidays.


With a 4:45am wake-up we were on the road shortly after 6. We ran into a bit of rush hour traffic entering the city but were able to meet up with my Mom around 10.

Rockefeller Plaza

Our first stop was Rockefeller Plaza. Not only is it home to the famous tree, but also “Top of the Rock” which offers amazing city views.


Tickets aren’t cheap ($24) but turns out they offer a half-price military discount!

In order to get to the observation deck we took a glass-ceiling elevator (so cool!) up to the 67th floor. From there it was a 20 minute wait accompanied by informational videos on the construction and history of Rockefeller Center. Then it was time for yet another elevator ride allllll the way to the top. We bundled up and headed outside to the observation deck.



It was extremely windy and cold up being up that high but it sure did provide great 360 degree views of the city! It ended up being a nice starting point for Z to give him a frame of reference for where major landmarks were.

Once back at ground level, Z and I paid homage to one of our favorite shows. Despite our best efforts we did not see Liz Lemon or Kenneth.



Before venturing out for lunch we made a stop in the NBC Experience Store. Parks and Rec is another dvr must-have in our household and their collection of Ron Swanson merchandise made me laugh.


Carve & Cox

By the time we were done we were more than ready for lunch. Z’s request was a slice of New York pizza. After perusing recommendations on TripAdvisor I jotted down the name of a place that had favorable reviews, pizza for him and sandwiches for me.


Carve was a tiny little place offering a variety of pizzas by the slice as well as sandwiches and a build-you-own salad bar. I opted for a hearty oven-roasted turkey sandwich while the rest in our group sampled the pizzas: bbq chicken, veggie, sausage and mushroom, and chicken parm. The portions were generous to say the least.

Seating was limited so when I saw an open table I grabbed it. While sitting there saving the table I just happened to glance up and see Dr. Cox from Scrubs!

I immediately called Z over and he confirmed. He was able to subtly capture the moment:

dr. cox edited

I had no idea what his real name was (John McGinley as I have since learned) so I would have never approached him. Besides, I don’t want to be one of those people. Regardless, a celebrity sighting! Fun!



QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever had a celebrity sighting? If so, who??