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I had time off I had to use before the end of the year so that meant a nice 9-day weekend for me! Especially knowing that I have to work on Christmas it was nice to be able to have some time off before to spend with Z and our families.

In between our travels we managed the following:


We started the week off with a new PBFingers circuit. The name and graphics are certainly catchy!DecemBURRR Circuit Workout

We completed the workouts in each bubble three times before moving on to the next. Caution: 45 burpees are involved.

I then had to run to CVS to pick up a few things so Z and I decided to RUN to CVS:





A quick run there and a quick walk back (to avoid the incoming rain). We were healthy AND environmentally friendly…two birds, one stone.


We were headed to NYC for the day but I managed to fit in a minute long plank after our 4:45am wake-up. We then proceeded to walk around the city all day. There was honestly only about a 15 minute time span when we were eating lunch when we were able to sit down. Despite wearing my running shoes for support I still ended the day with tired and achy legs. SO much walking.

Using Google Pedometer I attempted to map out our route (roughly speaking).


ROUTE: Parking garage, Bryant Park, Rockafellar Plaza, Times Square, lunch, Broadway, Macy’s/Herald Square, subway station.

DISTANCE: ~ 3 miles


ROUTE: Subway station, Central Park (wandering around), Fifth Avenue, Bryant Park, parking garage

DISTANCE: ~ 3miles

Wow! It didn’t seem like 6 miles what with the starting/stopping at intersections, but that’s pretty impressive. Not to mention it was done at a “New York pace”. That’s my usual walking pace though (I find myself physically unable to mosey along).


Although my legs were still feeling the effects of all the walking that NYC walking I wanted to get in another strength session this week. I browsed my Pinterest board for a workout with minimal leg work and decided to keep with the theme and do yet another new PBFingers workout:

HOT Holiday Workout!

This was a good one! I like combination moves so the hammer curls to overhead press was right up my alley. The lunges did a number on my already tired legs though.

Now I need to formulate a plan for this week. With work and two family Christmas celebrations on the schedule, we’ll have to make sure to fit some workouts in!