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After a stop at Rappahannock Cellars we only had to drive a mere 0.2 miles to get to Desert Rose Ranch & Winery.


I enjoy a winery with a theme so this was right up my alley. Everywhere you look in the tasting room is ranch/cowboy décor. So fun! The owner, Bob Claymier, raises and trains Arabian horses right on the property.


We moseyed on up to the bar and were warmly greeted and handed the wine list. Each of the wines had a fun name and a corresponding backstory.


Who can resist a wine called, “Ole Moo Moo”?? Turns out it was dedicated to the one remaining cow from the ranch’s previous cattle business. That one ended up being my favorite and the one that we came home with.

As we finished up the Moo-Moo the owner, a cowboy-hatted Mr. Claymier, came in the tasting room to say hello. He came over to introduce himself and ending up giving us the rest of our tasting. What a treat to be able to hear about the wine from the person who actually made it! He had great stories about each of the wines as well as the history of the vineyard itself.

The last white we tasted was called, “Gigi Peach.” This wine is made using peaches instead of grapes, as the name suggests. Specialized preparation is required due to the fact that peach pits would not be compatible with the usual grape processing equipment. All of the processing for this wine was done by hand. Pretty impressive!

The wine itself is a tribute to the resident canine, Gigi, who is now a calendar girl for “Old Dominion’s Wine Dog” next year. She has quite a following including her own line of apparel!

PicMonkey Collage- gigi

We then moved on to the reds. They were too peppery for my liking, although I didn’t quite mind the dessert wine that was served with chocolate. A sip of wine, a bite of chocolate, and repeat. It’s amazing how the two compliment, not overpower each other.


Eight wines and many stories from the owner later, we were done. We had such a great time talking to Mr. Claymier, who has traveled all around the world yet is a true-American cow boy at heart.


After getting our wine fix, we hopped in the car to finish our drive to Luray.