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Believe it or not Christmas is right around the corner. I had been procrastinating putting out the rest of my holiday decorations but realized that had to stop.

I previously shared with you my wreath creation and garland. Here are some other fun DIY ideas for decorating for the holidays.


For Christmas last year my Mom had bought me a these square votive holders. Using Pinterest as my inspiration (as usual) I bought a couple bags of fresh cranberries and used them as a fun filler.

Trader Joe's Fresh Cranberries

Cranberry Candle

A simple yet colorful decoration! I had two whole bags of cranberries to use up so I decided to make them my dining table theme.

Cranberry tablescape


For the fall it was pumpkins. For Christmas I went with ornaments!  We had a few that didn’t make it onto the tree so I went ahead and filled up the vase.



I came across one random strand of garland in my decorations box. I’m pretty sure I had used it around the staircase banister in my last apartment. I decided it would make a nice addition to the bookshelf in the dining room.


I started by weaving the garland around my plants. I found old cinnamon scented pinecones and poinsettia blooms amongst my decorations and added them in. No fancy tricks for attaching them, just perched carefully.


I have been wanting to make this idea for quite some time. Pinterest tells me it was “over 1 year ago” to be exact. The idea comes from a blog called “Pickadilly Charm.”Photobucket

You will need:

  • Ornaments of your choice
  • Hooks
  • Ribbon


Step 1: Place hooks onto ornaments. I found these fun curly ones at Hobby Lobby and LOVE them!


Step 2: Attach ribbon to ornaments in various lengths. 014

Step 3: Tie ribbon around curtain rod.


I was so pleased with how this turned out! The perfect touch for our living room windows. It even has curb appeal, looking great from outside as well.

Speaking of curb appeal…


As opposed to our rural counterparts, decorating for the holidays in the city has its challenges. People steal things (it happens), limited space, no lawn. That means no large lawn light displays or blow up characters (thank goodness). I enjoy walking around the historic neighborhoods this time of year and seeing the ideas people come up with.

For our house, I hung the garland I made on our second floor flower boxes.


I even went so far as to keep a few clipped branches from our Christmas tree and arrange them over our door with a sparkly snowflake accompaniment. Martha Stewart would be so proud…


Wow, this post came out far longer than I anticipated. I had more decorations than I thought! None of them require a PHD in crafting. They are all easy and cost effective.

For those of you still needing to finish your own decorating, get cracking! Only 8 days left!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you decorate the outside of your house as well? If so what do you use?