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Planks, while tough, are a great total body exercise. Z and I have been working on increasing the amount of time we can hold this position.

We try and make a point to do a plank right after we got out of bed in the morning. We started with one minute and then added five seconds each subsequent day. Current time: two minutes and counting!

For those wondering what is involved here are step by step instructions for the forearm plank (also know as the dolphin plank in the yoga world).


(Source: YogaJournal)


It’s been a scuba diving extravaganza at work recently. The colder weather outside does not help my motivation to get into a chilly pool for an hour. This week’s diving wasn’t so much a workout as an attempt not to freeze to death.


With the success I had last week running before dance, I decided to repeat it.

Z and I headed out for our usual loop…



I felt good and had a bit of pep in my step which led me to one of my fastest times yet for this route!

Dance included lots of stretching, this week set to holiday music! My teacher even threw in one of these to stretch out the lower back.




Z and I had plans Thursday night but managed to fit in a quick BackOnPointe ab workout before leaving the house.

waist trimmer


It was time for some upper body work. This Pinterest find comes from Wholesome Living.


At first it didn’t look bad but we quickly realized we were doing 40 reps of each exercise by the time we were done. My arms were burning by the end, not gonna lie.


After being productive around the house most of the day I needed some physical activity to prevent me from putting on my pajamas and parking it on the couch the rest of the night. We needed a couple things from the grocery store so I figured, why not run there?



We followed the water, said hello to Mr. Boh, and then ran through Canton square to the Safeway. It was fun to see all the holiday decorations on the row houses we passed.

Another week down. Hoping I keep this momentum up and finish up 2012 strong!