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I had come across this image on Pinterest awhile back and thought it could be a cute idea for my kitchen during the Christmas season.



While at Hobby Lobby I began browsing the wreaths only to find that even the most simply decorated ones cost $30 each! I maybe willing to pay that at a Christmas tree farm where the owners handmade it. Then, maybe. But at Hobby Lobby? No thank you.

That’s when my Mom suggested I just make it myself! I snapped this picture of my favorite wreath as an inspiration.


DIY Christmas Wreath

You’ll need:

  • Two plain wreaths
  • Pine cones
  • Fake berries
  • Thin wire
  • Wire-cutters


STEP 1: Determine how many pine cones you’d like to use (I did 3 on each) and wrap wire around base. This will allow you to attach it to the wreath.


STEP 2: Using wire cutters, clip apart the fake berries creating various size stems.


STEP 3: Assemble wreath. Start by placing the larger pine cones, then fill in with berries.



STEP 4: Determine how you’re going to hang your wreath. I wanted mine to go on the windows in the kitchen so my Mom made a large wire loop that I can use to hang them from the window locks.




I’m extremely pleased with the way it turned out! Now that I have the basics down I can easily add in decorations or change it up altogether.

Most importantly, it was highly cost effective. By purchasing my own supplies (most of which were on sale) it came out to around $8/wreath! Take that Hobby Lobby! I will not pay $30!

In similar fashion I threw together a garland for my window boxes using a 9ft garland and a poinsettia garland. Both on sale.


I cut the garland in half so I had one for each window, and then used zip ties to hold the poinsettias in place.



So easy!

Now that we have our Christmas tree, I plan on spending the next couple days putting up these wonderful creations as well as the rest of my decorations. Stay tuned….

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite type of holiday decoration?