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While in New York, my Mom suggested we take a family outing to go wine tasting. Me? Wine tasting? Twist my arm…

imageOver the river and through the woods (literally) we went until we arrived at Robibero Winery. The Robibero Family purchased the winery in 2007 when the current owners were relocating. They make small batch artisan wines that are only available for purchase at their vineyard or online. Nothing mass produced, making each unique.

As soon as we arrived we knew the wine must be good because there were quite a few people sampling at the tasting bar or sitting and enjoying a glass and taking in the scenery.


The tasting included the chance to sample six different wines. Z and I made sure to each order different ones and then try each others. In doing this we got to taste them all!


We started with the whites. Their specialty is riesling. While typically I avoid them because of the sweetness factor, I was surprised to find some that were less intense and actually drinkable.

Due to there being other groups of people doing tastings as well we had some down time between the wines, which I enjoyed. I find it really awkward when you’re the only ones there and they pour your wine and then stare at you to judge your reaction. It’s such pressure!



Then it was time for the reds. Less sweet. More our speed. Z and I maintained our usual dynamic: oakey for him, fruity for me.


The last one I tried was a sparkling rosé with a name I couldn’t pass up. The “Happy Bitch” was delightful. While at first glance you would expect it to be obnoxiously sweet it wasn’t at all but rather mild and refreshing.  036

Z and I each picked one bottle to bring home and add to our collection. He chose the merlot and I decided to take a chance at their “New Yorkie” rosé, named after the little dog that we saw toddling around behind the bar.


It turns out each of us went home with a different type of wine. Our last name is similar, but our tastes are not.

Seasons Greetings and Wine Wishes from my family to yours!

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Question of the day: What types of activities do you do when your family is all together?