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While in New York we played tourist and headed down to West Point Military Academy, located an hour south of my parents house.

I hadn’t been to West Point in years (the last time was to drop my brother off at soccer camp there) so thought it would be fun to go again. I enjoy museums and historical artifacts in general and with Z’s military experience I figured it would be something he would find interesting.

West Point is a 4-year military academy located on the Hudson River. Established in 1802 it is the oldest continuously occupied military post in America.

Years ago you could freely tour the campus, however since 9-11 the security has increased. The only way to see the grounds currently are through a 1-2hr bus tour. Seeing as how it was chilly outside I didn’t much mind.

We started at the Visitor’s Center and reserved our spot on the 12:00, 2hr tour. The center was filled with general information about student life at West Point.


We had time to spare so we headed next door the the museum.


The museum is filled with four floors of Army history. While the boys favored the “Large Artillery” gallery I enjoyed reading about the early role of women in the armed forces. 006


With 12:00 approaching, our chariot awaited:


Side note: I forgot just how tiny school bus seats are. They seemed much larger back in the day!

Our tour guide was an older gentleman who has been with the school for 35 years. As you can imagine he had a wealth of knowledge to share about the school and military history.

Our first stop was Cadet Chapel, which houses the 3rd largest organ in the world. Look at that stained glass—amazing!


Our second stop was a 45-minute walking tour through the cemetery. The guide took us to the graves of many notable historical figures who were West Point graduates.


The weather was beautiful. Sun shine, orange and reds everywhere you looked, falling leaves, mountains in the background….do I really want to go back to the city??

Our final stop was Trophy Point, a key location during the Revolutionary War. The river is extremely narrow and twisty at this point, making it difficult for incoming British ships to navigate. In addition, a massive iron chain was strung from this point across the entire river. Add in some cannon fire and those Brits didn’t stand a chance!


Hooray for history!


I found the tour interesting and learned a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m a nerd but as I said I enjoy that kind of stuff.

The drive back to Salt Point was nice and scenic. Whether it be the Hudson or Harbor I can’t imagine not living by some sort of water.



QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you enjoy museums? History? What’s your favorite?