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The minute we had our Thanksgiving plans finalized I went ahead and found a Turkey Trot close to my parents house.

We woke up at 5:30 Thanksgiving morning and were greeted by 24 degree temperatures (I’m supposed to run in that?!). The race wasn’t until 8:30 so I was hoping that magically the weather would warm up 30 degrees by then.


We hadn’t yet picked up our packets so we got to the race location at 7:30. It was still collllllld so we huddled in the car for warmth for the next 45 minutes until race time.


I had on a long sleeve AND short sleeve shirt under my favorite Nike cold-gear hoodie. In addition I broke out my running gloves and headband. This was serious.

My brother was supposed to run with us but his travel plans changed last minute. My Mom took his place and entered the walker category. Her start time was 15 minutes ahead of ours so we waited with her at the starting line.


There she goes! Go Mom!


We had 15 minutes to freeze…I mean…acclimate to the temperature. The smiles hide the pain…


Then it was our turn. I could not wait to start just so I could warm up!PicMonkey Collage- k and z run

The route was 1.5 miles out and back in the village of Rhinebeck. A nice country road with some small rolling hills. Nothing unbearable. We said hi to my Mom as we passed her along the way.

My toes were numb for most of the time (the downside to breathable running shoes I suppose). I finally regained feeling around the last mile, but only in my left foot. Other than that it was a good run.

We sprinted towards the finish to make it in under 30 minutes. Our official time was 30:06, but we were in the middle of the pack when the clock started. My Dad timed us exactly as we crossed the lines and had us at 29:10. I’ll take it.


I didn’t want to push myself too much seeing as how it was the first time running in this kind of weather in quite some time. We survived though!


Then it was Mom’s turn. Success!


What a fun way to kick off Thanksgiving Day. I’m declaring this to be a tradition from here on out.


With 3.1 miles completed it was time to redirect our attention to another endurance activity: cooking and eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Stay tuned….