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PicMonkey Collage- walkway

A nice fall day for a river stroll

On our last visit up to New York I had wanted to take Z to the new Walkway over the Hudson but we ran out of time. Therefore I was sure to pencil it in during this visit.

The walkway was built as a railroad bridge shortly after the Civil War. At that time it was the longest bridge in North America. It was a path for freight and passenger trains across the river up until 1974 when a fire caused extensive damage. Growing up I knew it only as the burned/non functional bridge we would pass on the way to the mall (Source).


View of the Mid-Hudson Bridge from the Walkway

Instead of demolishing the old bridge, it was renovated and made into a pedestrian walkway. In total it’s about 1.5 miles across.


Taking in the scenery

The views you get from literally standing directly over the Hudson are pretty remarkable. My Mom became a Member of Walkway Over the Hudson and gets invited to special events such as a Moonwalks the night of a full moon. That would be a cool thing to see.


Hudson River

There were lots of people out and about that day. We passed runners, people walking their dogs, even a man on a unicycle! It’s a public use area that’s good for everything from a workout to a casual stroll.


I can now check this off the list of things to show Z in my home town.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your go-to activity to do with out of town guests?