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Today begins my New York visit recap. We managed to fit quite a bit into our visit so I’ve broken it down to make it reader friendly. Enjoy!

Z and I left Bmore just after noon on Tuesday and made the trek north to spend the holiday with my parents in NY. Along the way we encountered a few traffic issues causing the 4.5hr drive to take almost 45min longer than usual. Thankfully we had the Tina Fey to keep us company. We ended up finishing Bossypants. So sorry to see it go….so good!

We arrived just in time for dinner where my Mom was preparing a Food Network recipe that had caught her eye.


The chicken marinade for 10 minutes in a mixture of orange juice, thyme, oregano and pepper.


Next, a visit to the grill. My parents use theirs year round. Snowing? No problem, just throw on a jacket and boots and shovel a path out to it.

We used the chicken for sandwiches. Topping choices included tomato, avocado, Swiss cheese and lettuce. We assembled them on a delicious fresh-baked Tuscan whole wheat bread and added a splash of balsamic vinegar.


Mom even made a side of my favorite sweet potato fries!


THE VERDICT: A simple, yet flavorful grilled chicken recipe. I always forget how much I love avocado and adding it to the sandwich was fantastic. My next favorite element was the bread. It was hearty, and sourdough-like.

This recipe made a tasty grilled chicken sandwich. You may not be the kind of person to grill in the snow, but it’s not below freezing yet so here’s the recipe….go ahead and fire up your grill one more time.


Yes we own similar hoodies and just happened to both wear them on our drive home (for the record I picked out my outfit first. We are ridiculous and I love it.)