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With not one but TWO Thanksgiving celebrations last week, Z and I tried to keep up with our normal routine as much as possible.


We were up visiting Z’s family in Cumberland, MD. When we went to bed the night before we promised ourselves that we would get a run in first thing before breakfast.

The problem was, neither of us had planned on running that weekend and were not prepared….I hadn’t even brought my shoes! Somehow we managed to throw together outfits (I had to settle for borrowing Kristi’s sneakers) and away we went. But it was COLD. So cold in fact that my legs, which were in shorts because that’s all I had, were stinging with each step. We only made it up the road and back, a grand total of 1.5 miles. That was more than enough for me.


Back at the house we defrosted and supplemented our run with some strength work. I had pinned this awhile back from fitsugar.com. They have these mini-workouts for each day of the week. We just did one round of Monday and Tuesday.


I’ll be honest my energy level was just not up to par. I just wasn’t into it. I guess everyone has good days and bad days right?


Knowing that we were going to be in a car for 5 hours en route to New York, Z and I made a point to get a workout in before we left.

Another PBFingers find….



Z and I went with my parents to the Walkway Over the Hudson. We strolled across the river and back, roughly 2.5 miles. A more detailed post and pictures coming in the near future. 041

THURSDAY- Thanksgiving!

Turkey Trot 5K time! I’m preparing a full race recap post but just know that it was cold….very cold.


After delicious turkey and treats the day before it was good to get moving again. I of course found a holiday-appropriate workout necessary. Pinterest to the rescue!

Thanksgiving Day Total Body Workout

Clicking around the blog it came from, befitwithkristen.com I also found:


A little cardio, a little abs. Z and I did the workout in my parents family room near where my Dad has his computer. He’s got a great sound system so we blasted the “Pop Fitness” Pandora station. A nice change from listening on Z’s Ipad.

And there you have it! Despite lots of traveling (and lots of eating) we still managed to stay active. I think that’s the key around the holidays, or any day really. Everything in moderation and keep yourself moving.