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Here it is, Black Friday, a day in which people venture out in search of the perfect gift (for themselves or others). Have a runner in your life? Here’s a gift idea that doesn’t require getting up early and waiting in line….

diy race bib holder

A great way to proudly display your accomplishments!

The Inspiration

At our dinner out last week I finally gave Denise her (very belated) birthday gift. Denise’s birthday was back in August and at the time I had been browsing online for fun running-related gift ideas. I stumbled upon the idea for a race bib holder. Denise has been a 5K fool this fall so this could be a fun way for her to display all that’s she’s accomplished.

They were for sale on Etsy but I figured it would be easy enough to make myself.

The Process


  • 1 Wooden Surface (11×14)
  • Paint
  • Foam brushes
  • Letter stickers
  • Glitter tape
  • 1 1/4’’ cup hooks


STEP 1: Apply two coats of paint.

Since Denise is a lover of all things purple I went with “Purple Lilac.”



STEP 2: Once dry, apply a coat of modge podge.

STEP 3: Add sticker letters.


STEP 4: I decided some sparkle could be fun. There were quite a few options in terms of adhesive trims. Get creative!


STEP 5: Add a top coat of modge podge to hold everything in place.

STEP 6:  I found these cup hooks which at Michael’s and thought they would work for hanging the bibs.


I used one of my bibs to ensure proper spacing.


STEP 7: Sign up for a race so you have something to hang on it!

What a fun way to display your accomplishments and an easy DIY project! I should probably now make one for myself. A desk drawer is no place for race bibs!

Need More Gift Ideas?

Birthday? Anniversary? Valentine’s Day? Whatever the occasion may be, here’s a fun and easy to put together gift idea. Check out my “For the Love of Running” gift bag.

running gift bag

Happy crafting!


I want to know…

Which race bib would you be the most proud to display?

If this something you’d make for yourself? Or give to someone else?

What’s the best homemade gift you’ve ever received?