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I pinned these cookies from Shape magazine onto my “Tastes and Treats” Pinterest board intending to make them last week, but that never happened. On Saturday I finally got around to it.


STEP 1: Combine bananas (3 mashed), applesauce, dried cherries, chia (instead of flax) and vanilla extract in a bowl. I also threw in some thinly sliced almonds for good measure.


STEP 2: Make rounded spoonfuls and place on cookie sheet. The recipe claimed to make 36 cookies. They must have been baking for leprechauns because I made 16.


STEP 3: I got fancy at the last minute and made 4 mini-cookies with dark chocolate chips.

dark chocolate oat cookies

STEP 4: Bake for 20 minutes at 350.



THE VERDICT: Despite the recipe name these are not cookies. If you go into it expecting a dessert-like baked good then you will be disappointed. I liken them more to a muffin/granola bar hybrid.

That being said the combination of oats, fruits and nuts proves to be a great on the go snack. I had two of them as a mid-morning snack and was contently full all the way until lunch. They have fruit and oats for fiber, chia and almonds for protein and all without any additional sugar.

I already made some variations to the original recipe and think there are a lot of other combinations and substitutions that I could play around with.

My level of domesticity recently amazes me.