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I’ve come to the realization that I’m rather out of the loop when it comes to current fashion trends. This isn’t a new realization by any means.

There are a number of factors that contribute to this:

1) My working life is spent in a uniform: khaki shorts, polo shirt, ponytail. I therefore do not have to put outfits together and primp everyday.

2) Z drives me to work most days, so the only person who sees me on my commute is him. Wearing workout/comfy clothes is all but acceptable.

3) Clothes cost money…and I’m cheap.

There are those times however, dinner parties with friends, date nights, holidays where I attempt to make myself presentable. It’s then I realize I have no clothes. Well, I have clothes, a closetful, but nothing which I would consider on the cutting edge of fashion.

Most of my closet consists of plain tank tops, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts in a variety of colors. When it comes to putting together outfits I stick with the same tried and true combinations. If only I had a personal shopper and stylist who could put together outfits for me and show me new fun ways to wear what I already have.

Since I don’t have such a person, over the weekend I made it a mission to educate myself as to what kids are wearing these days. I spent some time poking around on blogs attempting to gain inspiration.

It all started with my quest to find a pair of boots…

Riding boots are everywhere these days. I like the look with a pair of skinny jeans, their ability to go with a variety of outfits and the fact that they are a (warmer) alternative to the ballet flats I find myself in most times.

However, boots do not come cheap. A quick search on DSW and you are met with $799.95 boots. Do they have flakes of gold in the leather or something? image

My mission: find affordable boots.

After browsing multiple sites, I came up with pairs I liked that for $60 and $70 at DSW. Then there were $80 ones from American Eagle. Not all of these sites had my size available, but at least showed me that you can find them for less than the cost of a kidney if you search a bit.

Target even had boots! I tried on a pair for $34.99, but wasn’t in love with them. The search continues. image

Now what about outfits?

I came across two fashion blogs yesterday and found myself scrolling through page after page of outfit ideas.

The first: CarahAmelie.com

She provides tons of outfit ideas and even has tutorial videos for make-up and hair (areas that I also need to educate myself in)


This is one my favorites that I came across on her site:


The second: J’s Everyday Fashion


This site as well has TONS of outfit ideas. What’s fun is that she takes inspiration photos from magazines/celebrities/websites and then recreates the looks using clothes from stores like H&M, American Eagle, and Kohls.

I’ve been wanting a yellow cardigan for awhile now and enjoyed her collage of different ways to wear one.

I feel like keeping up with these websites could be a start towards making myself into a put-together twenty-something. While I don’t have the time and/or money to be super trendy all the time I’m hoping these sites can help me pretend every once in awhile.