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A little injury caused a bit of a set back this week. I gave my body some down time (accompanied by a heating pad) and am feeling back to normal. Here’s what I was able to accomplish despite it all:


Working out in the morning is tough these days with it being so cold in our house! This circuit from BackOnPointe thankfully included a nice little warm up to get the blood flowing.


Tuesday afternoon I slipped at work. I was fine in the moment but then started to feel my neck getting stiff shortly thereafter. Neck pain is never something to take lightly so I proactively broke out my heating pad when I got home.


I awoke with my neck still stiff and some soreness in my arms and back from catching myself during the fall.  I headed to Urgent Care before work just to get it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry. The doctor told me it was a strain in my upper trapezius muscle.

Upper Trapezius

I saw the physical therapist on site who gave me recommendations for stretches to do at home. By doing a series of contractions it would encourage the muscles to relax and give me a better range of motion.

While my body wasn’t feeling quite up to dance class that night I went anyway seeing as how I could benefit from a good stretch. I took it easy most of the class, opting out of things like leaps that would put any additional force or impact on my body.


My neck felt improved but my arms and back continued to ache slightly. Not to mention I got a flu shot in the opposite arm. At least my soreness was balanced.


I woke up and felt good. No noticeable pain. I took some time to stretch before easing myself back in to things:

Despite repeating five times, this one flew right by. It felt good to be able to move everything again!


A run was on the schedule seeing as how the weather was in the 60s. Seeing as how it’s November there are not too many more days like that left!

After a day of errands, I prepped a spaghetti squash for dinner then headed out the door. Short sleeves and shorts…November…amazing. I ran down to Harbor East and followed the promenade back through Fells all while taking in the beautiful sunset (at 5:00pm nonetheless).

11-10 run

When I got home I decided to throw in some ab work before calling it a night.

Sunset Abs

I really need to incorporate my stability ball more. It sits in the corner taking up room so I might as well use it.