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Today is Veteran’s Day so I thought I would take this time to honor the veteran in my life, Z.

As I write this he is away at National Guard duty. If he were here he would probably be too humble to admit it, but he’s truly worthy of his own blog post.

His mom recently gave us a scrapbook of pictures, articles and other memorabilia from his time in the Marines. I flipped through it this morning before sitting down to write this.


Z joined the Marines right out of high school. With both his Father and Grandfather in the service as well it was something he always wanted to do.


He was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and was even awarded a Purple Heart.



Although the stories he tells me make me nervous (it’s probably better that we met AFTER) he always approaches it with the same attitude: He was just doing his job.

One of the most rewarding parts about the deployments for him was the fact that he got to make a difference in the lives of the local people.


After the Marines Z joined the Army National Guard here in Maryland. The commitment involves one weekend of training every month and an extended two week training every the summer.

The National Guard is a reserve force that is called upon as necessary. Z’s company was deployed to Egypt last year to ensure the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel was being upheld.


In addition to overseas obligations, the National Guard provides assistance locally in emergency situations such as blizzards, hurricanes, etc.

I am very proud of my fiancé for all that he has accomplished during his time in the military. The experiences he has had are unlike anything most of us will ever know and the fact that he maintains a positive attitude is something I respect.

So thank you to Z and all others who have served, or are currently serving.

I love my Marine.


On a lighter note,  I remember watching this while Z was in Egypt. It makes you realize that deployments are hard for everyone.

Warning: the video below will warm your heart. Be prepared.


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you have any veterans in your life? If so, who?