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After we got done with our tasting at Notaviva Vineyards, Z and I were quite hungry. We asked the woman working there for a good lunch spot and she gave us a handy dandy map, pointing us towards Purcellville, about 20 minutes south.


“Magnolias at the Mill” came highly recommended.


The restaurant itself is inside a renovated mill and provides lots of interesting architecture and decor to look at.


We went with our usual “Z & K dining out strategy of awesomeness” and split the tomato-gouda soup and this sandwich:


The citrus mayo definitely added a unique flavor that I really enjoyed.

868 Vineyards

Once we were properly fed it was on the tasting number two. This particular vineyard made my list because of their wine and truffle pairing option. You mean I can have chocolate AND wine?!



This time we had four different wines that were to be paired with four different types of chocolate truffles. Food and wine pairing is an area of expertise that I know absolutely nothing about so I was drawn to this out of curiosity…that and my undying love of chocolate.


The tasting started with a white chocolate paired with a light, crisp Pinot Grigio. In the end I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate and the Pinot Grigio was nothing to write home about.

Next was a chestnut, pecan chocolate that was paired with a dry red wine. By itself I wouldn’t normally be a fan of the wine, but in conjunction with the chocolate it was tasty.

The third was a clementine chocolate rolled in biscotti. My comments for the accompanying wine were “smoky, oaky, NO GO.” If you read that exact same line on Z’s you’ll find, “delicious.” Opposites attract I guess.

Last but not least was a dark chocolate ganache rolled in cocoa powder. A bite of it and a sip of the wine and you would swear you were eating a chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Mmmmm.


While I of course loved the chocolate, we were provided with very little information on the vineyard and the wines. I just didn’t feel the personal connection that we had at Notaviva earlier that day.

Before hopping in the car for our ride back to the city we took a moment to enjoy the beautiful country surroundings.



It was so nice to get away, even if just for the day. With so many wineries in the area I’m sure another trip will be in our future.