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You may remember that for my birthday back in July I received an I.O.U. for tickets to see Wicked when it came to Baltimore. Even though it was four months away I couldn’t wait. Wicked is hands down one of my favorite musicals.

The show itself has amazing music, great characters, and elaborate costumes…all the makings of a quality musical in my opinion.

I still find myself singing along to the songs when they come up on my itunes shuffle and got quite excited when Glee featured “Defying Gravity” on one of their episodes.

I was lucky enough to see the show for the first time on Broadway. Even though it seems like only yesterday, that was seven years ago! Crazy!

The show was scheduled to play in Baltimore from October to November. For the past four weeks I’ve watched status update after status update from my friends who went to see it. Thursday night it was finally my turn!


What was particularly notable was that this was Z’s first musical! I was there with him for his first ballet (we went to see The Nutcracker), and now this. I didn’t even have to drag him, he was looking forward to it! That’s why I’m marrying him…

Z has a weakness for popcorn and made a beeline for the snack bar before we headed to our seats. I scored some M&Ms out of the deal –Wicked AND chocolate?! I was a happy camper.

Even though the show lasted way past our bedtime it was just as good as I remembered. The actress playing Elphaba had a phenomenal voice that gave me goose bumps.

Every time I go to the Hippodrome I’m reminded of how much I enjoy musicals and I always tell myself I should see them more often. Perhaps that can be a goal for next year. Hmmmm, it looks like Beauty and the Beast is coming up in January….

Question of the day: What is your favorite musical?