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Halloween has come and gone, but before I turn my attention to the next holiday, I thought I’d share our costumed celebrations.

Costume selection is actually my least favorite part of Halloween. Growing up my mom always made our costumes and only once or twice let us buy one from Party City as a treat. Because of this I’m inclined to create my own and get more satisfaction out of doing so. However I always feel pressure to come up with a creative, thoughtful, homemade costume and it can just be downright overwhelming.

So what to choose? For most girls it’s about showing as much skin as possible. Due to the weather in late October this seems like a silly option if you ask me.

Here’s what I’ve come up with in recent years:

(Painted the shirt myself. Created I <3 Zach Morris stickers for the apron.)

(I made my own badges such as cocktail making, scrapbooking, and Facebook stalking).

(I found a button up shirt at Goodwill and I used my computer for the designs.)


(Yes, I’ve even recycled the whole mermaid idea but I must say that my mom made BOTH of them. She’s good!)

Z and I were unsure if we wanted to venture out this year. The holiday fell on a Wednesday and I have to be up at 4:30am every Thursday. However due to the nudging of friends we decided to throw something together and plan to head up the road to Amy’s Halloween party.

Since it was last minute I’ll admit that we stole the idea after I saw it on my Facebook newsfeed:

K and Z 2

Z looks for any excuse to wear a suit so he was totally on board. I printed out the logo to make the shirt for him. My outfit was easy to throw together, and I even made my own Lois Lane press badge!

We had a lot of fun at Amy’s and enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes. Denise and her husband Don cracked me up with their Wayne’s World ensembles and Jenna did a great job channeling her Italian heritage as the one and only Mr. Mario.

Halloween collage

Thanks to Amy for hosting a fun gathering! Until next year…