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Friday night Z and I attended a surprise 30th birthday party for my friend Patrick.

I met Patrick back in 2008 and even had the chance to attend his Las Vegas destination wedding when he married his lovely wife Regan in 2010.

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Patrick and Regan were members of our first place winning trivia team and share my love of karaoke every now and again (aka my kind of people).

trivia- pinot and regan5- pinot

This week Patrick will be turning the big 3-0 so in order to celebrate Regan arranged for a surprise outing to Medieval Times. Under the false pretenses that we were getting together with them for dinner at a favorite Greek restaurant, Patrick had no clue what was in store.

After a pit stop at Burger King for crowns, Z and I we were on our way.


We met at Patrick’s house and surprised him when he arrived home. From there we hopped into a “noble steed” to take us to our destination.



For those who have never been, Medieval Times offers a “dinner and tournament.” The show revolves around a competition between the “Knights of the Realm” in feats like jousting and sword fighting, all presided over by a King. Each section of the theatre is assigned a color with a corresponding knight to route for.

So excited to be on the red team!

red team

The show is entertaining complete with chivalry and horsemanship. As an animal trainer I caught myself spending most of the time watching the horses and thinking about the cues and reinforcement they are being given…because I’m a nerd like that.


Dinner is served throughout the show, standard feast fare: soup, chicken, rib, potato and dessert. All without the use of utensils…


After a series of competitions, the red knight was victorious (obviously because he had the best cheering section)!


It was a fun “knight” and a successful surprise. Happy Birthday Patrick!

Question of the day: Have you ever been to Medieval Times?