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This week involved mixing up our normal routine which was a lot of fun!


Z was away at National Guard drill so I completed a core-centric circuit before work.

More For Your Core Workout

A two-minute one-legged bridge is serious business. I definitely could feel the affects of this into the next day.


It was a scuba dive day at work. Fifty-minutes submerged in 72 degree water. Brrrrrr.

After work, we met up with Z’s colleague, Travis, who organizes a weekly run around Canton with a few of his friends. It was a beautiful night for it!


We started at the Safeway and ran down to the Canton railroad tracks, turned around and followed the water back to Fells. The group was continuing but since I had an early wake-up the next day Z and I peeled off once we were near our street. We still managed to get in 3.12 miles!


It’s been awhile since we’ve run in a group setting and there are certainly benefits. One is that you have more people to try and keep up with, thereby pushing yourself more than you may normally. Second, since this was the first time I was meeting these people, carrying on conversations acts as a nice distraction from the fact that you’re running!


Dance day! My legs felt a bit tight from the run (still need to get better about post-run stretching) so the warm-up at dance class was a help. We  learned a fun holiday-appropriate routine this week to Rocky Horror’s “Time Warp.” Yes, we did in fact “jump to the left and then step to the right.”


Amy’s Pumpkin Workout


When researching for Thursday’s pumpkin workout I had come across a series of moves from Spokanefitnesscoach.com. They have a manual with suggested exercises as well as a sample workout. I figured we might as well use the pumpkins one last time before carving!

We went ahead and followed their sample workout:

pumpkin workout spokane fitness

You can visit their website to see more exercises as well as descriptions of the ones listed here.

The get-ups were probably my favorite. I felt as though I worked every muscle group as I went from lying on my back to standing and pressing the pumpkin overhead 30 times total! My legs are feeling it this morning that’s for sure.

We said goodbye to our pumpkin workout companions and did some carving last night. It was fun while it lasted.

And there you have it. Our week of pumpkin fun!