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I had come across this workout from Fitness Magazine on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. It looked quite fun so I went ahead and saved it on my Fitness board with the intention of trying it out in time for Halloween.


I went ahead and invited some friends to join me and Z for a pumpkin workout this past Thursday. With the warm weather forecast for the week I set the meeting place as Patterson Park. That way we could frolic with our pumpkins amidst the fall foliage.


Choosing the right sized pumpkin is key. Knowing that I would have to be lifting and moving it I went with one that was medium sized and luckily everyone else did too.

348My friend Amy is a pro at making up her own circuit workouts for the gym so she provided us with a fun and spooky full body workout.

We started with some stretching to get us nice and warmed up (since the weather took a chilly turn).

That was followed by a one minute warm-up of pumpkin slaloms—which involved running and weaving in-between the pumpkins set apart at even distances.

We then began the workout that started with arms and abs and then ended with lower body moves.

We did 3 sets of 12 for each move which included…

pumpkin twists


…just to name a few.

It was a lot of fun to get out and try something different and finally getting to workout with Amy, something we’ve been trying to coordinate for awhile now.


This inspired me to do a themed workout for each holiday over the course of the next year. Thanksgiving? Christmas? Washington’s Birthday? I’m sure with a little creativity we could come up with some fun things. It’s decided—an early New Year’s Resolution!

In case you want to try it at home:

amy's workout collage 1

Now that we’ve carved our body it’s the pumpkin’s turn. ! Happy (almost) Halloween!