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It’s that time of the week again. Time to look back on the workouts we managed to accomplish.


Z was busy working so I occupied myself with a Back On Pointe arms workout:


Two things:

1) It’s been a long long time since I’ve done a full bridge. I did it! But definitely felt it in my lower back the next day. Note to self: more stretching before and after.

2) It included a new-to-me move: the Zercher squat. I had to use my good friend Google to find out what that was (click the link above to see proper technique).


Dance day! We spend a good half hour each week on stretching which I welcome with open arms.

My teacher also incorporates pilates moves that work the arms and core. This is one of my favorites: single-leg teaser (click on picture below for demonstration).



Time for a run. Fall has seemingly disappeared and 70 degree temps have taken its place. I’m certainly not complaining because that meant the return of shorts and a tank top for our run.

I knew I had a 5K race coming up so we stuck with the usual route, nothing crazy, but this time went in reverse to mix it up a bit.


DISTANCE: 2:38 miles      TIME: 22:30      PACE: 9.5 min/mi


It’s race day! At 11am I will be running in the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter’s 1st annual “Ready…Set…Sniff 5K.”


The event, BARCStoberfest, plans to be a pet-filled expo featuring training demonstrations, vendors, rescue groups, even a pet costume contest!

I’d like to try and come in under the 30min mark again for this race but with all the cute puppies running around me tempting me to oogle over them I can make no promises.