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We awoke on our last morning and once again enjoyed coffee and reading on the porch.

It was during this time when we noticed the ant situation in the room had gotten out….of….control!

Ants on floor

They were everywhere!

Good thing neither of us are squeamish because there were everywhere. Spraying them with the provided bug spray killed on contact but then encouraged more to come and collect their dead. We didn’t have brooms so we took towels/pamphlets/whatever we could find and swept up the dead (and live) ants and threw them outside. Such a glamorous end to the vacation, I know you’re jealous.

We then headed out on one last research trip. This time to write down the villas we came across on the way to Le Gallerie as potential options for Z’s family/other guests to stay in.

I also video taped the route there which I plan on editing into a video of driving instructions. That way people will know what to expect because the roads are…a bit rough.

I took pictures like these to include as well.  A, “if you’re seeing this you’re going the right way,” type of thing.

View of Soufriere

View of Soufriere

By the time we made it to the villa and back it was time to check out. We gathered our belongings and began the 45 min drive back to Hewanorra Airport.

When returning the rental car it was discovered that one of the hubcaps on the car had gone missing. The situation then went downhill quite rapidly.

The company was holding us responsible due to “negligent driving.” Z exchanged some heated words over the phone with the manager explaining to him that a loose hubcap was a mechanical issue. Due to the fact that there was not a single scratch on the car otherwise, you could not say we were driving irresponsibly.

The situation went back and forth for roughly half an hour leaving us extremely annoyed. Not a great way to end the vacation. Note to anyone going to St. Lucia in the future: DO NOT use Guy’s Car Rental.

There to lift my spirits though were my favorite ixora flowers on our way to the plane. I will definitely be incorporating them into the wedding décor.

Three o’clock rolled around and off we went.

We landed in Miami at 6:45 and then had to wait until 9:15 for our next flight. That meant we didn’t get back to Baltimore until midnight. It was quite a long day!

The trip was great and I’m so happy we decided to snatch up that Living Social deal and go. Now that we’ve found a place I can finally start seriously focusing on other details! Next up: a dress maybe??