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In order to commemorate our last night on the island we made reservations at Boucan Restaurant which is part of a cocoa plantation resort just down the road from Fond Doux. A couple we met the night before had gone and could not stop talking about how wonderful it was so we knew we had to check it out.

We had some time to kill before our reservations so stopped by the bar at Fond Doux so Z could get his rum punch fix.


Boucan is located on the Rabot Estate, St. Lucia’s oldest cocoa plantation. According to their website, the estate was purchased five years ago by a couple of entrepreneurs from the UK. In the years since they have made great strides in expanding the plantation’s cocoa production.

What sold me on the idea of this restaurant is that all of their dishes feature chocolate/cocoa in some way. Everything from cocktails, appetizers, entrees and desserts have hints of chocolate worked in. I…WAS…SOLD.

The restaurant itself has quite a nice view which we caught a quick glimpse of right after we arrived.


I ordered a watermelon martini. The only ingredients: fresh squeezed watermelon juice and vodka. No artificial, pre-sweetened mixers, just watermelon. So good.


After placing our orders the waitress brought us out bread with a trio of dipping sauces. Starting on the left was melted dark chocolate, in the middle- butter with cacao nibs, and on the right was olive oil with herbs & spices. 338

Z and I knew we would be getting dessert so skipped the entrees and went with three different appetizers instead.

We got chicken satay with peanut sauce (good, but not memorable), followed by baked goat cheese with honeyed plantains and cocoa sauce:348

My favorite: Citrus Salad with white chocolate dressing. The salad had two different types of grapefruit and cashews burried underneath a bed of basil and mixed greens. They topped it off with a light and airy white chocolate dressing, more along the lines of a vinaigrette. It was a truly unique blend of flavors which I wish I could recreate myself.  349

Lastly, dessert. You cannot go to a cocoa plantation and leave without ordering it, that would just be wrong.

It was a tough decision but in the end we went with molten cake and seeing as how they ask you to give them 15 minutes to prep we were assured that it would be as fresh as can be.


There you have it:


That little mountain of cake was filled with warm ooey-gooey melted chocolatey goodness. On the side was coconut sorbet (amazing) and a chocolate wafer with a drizzle of caramel.

They also brought out complimentary samples of their homemade truffles made with 65% dark chocolate.


When asked to summarize our feelings about what we just ate:

PicMonkey Collage- zk

A picture is worth a thousand words, I guess. We cannot wait to take our families here when we come back next year!

During dinner Z and I discussed how part of the enjoyment of this meal was experiencing new and unique flavor combinations. The portions are not huge but they’re not supposed to be. This food is meant to be savored and enjoyed, not wolfed down to fill you up.

I think a lot of times people use food as a way to cure a growling stomach and skip over the enjoyment aspect. Next time you sit down to a meal I encourage you to slow down and take a minute to really notice your food. Pay attention to the flavors and textures and find enjoyment in the experience.

Question of the day: What was the best meal you’ve ever eaten?