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As I mentioned, our appointment to meet with a representative from Jalousie Plantation was rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon. We decided to therefore spend Tuesday morning at the beach at the resort.


Although Jalousie resort is set on the beach they do not have sole ownership over it meaning that anyone can use it. They try and get you to pay $20 to use their cushy lounge chairs, but we opted out of it in favor of the perfectly fine free ones over at the far side of the beach.

PicMonkey Collage- chairs2

We grabbed a chair and set up camp under a nice large umbrella, which was helpful during the brief period of rain.


Snorkeling is available right off the beach making it a common stop for charter boat trips who park, unload their guests for some water time, and then drive off again. We saw this happen a couple times while we were there but being the off-season the amount of people was never an inconvenience.

We ran into a newlywed couple that we met the day before staying at our resort and they offered to let us use their snorkeling gear. It was a very nice gesture, saving us the trouble and money of renting it ourselves.


Immediately after entering I looked down and spotted this guy:


He was trying really hard to pretend he was just a rock but a trained zoologist like myself knows otherwise. Thanks to shallow clear water we were able to get a really good picture!

We proceeded to swim around the reef, free-diving down to catch closer glimpses of urchins, sea cucumbers, and lots of different fish.






After snorkeling we laid on the beach until our 2pm appointment with the resort representative.

She took us around the property via golf cart and showed us…

THE SPA: Each treatment room is its own individual rainforest tree house.


THE BAR: A little too “South Beach” for my taste.


THE VIEW: Known as “Sunset Ridge” this is their most popular site for weddings.



THE BEACH: This waterfront restaurant, which at first glance seemed like a nicer reception option, has a $14,000 food and drink MINIMUM in order to rent out. Yeeeeeah, no thanks.


Overall it was fun to get a personalized tour and getting to snoop around the resort. That being said, regardless of the high price tag, it was not a good fit for Z and I. We just kept finding ourselves comparing it to the villa a couple days before.

We headed back to Fond Doux, showered and changed in preparation for our dinner reservations. We decided to celebrate our last night on the island by  trying out the upscale restaurant at a resort down the street. It was so amazing that I plan on dedicating an entire post to it but as a hint it’s part of “Hotel Chocolat.” With a name like that just imagine the possibilities…