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Last Monday was wedding research day. I scheduled meetings with three different resorts in Soufriere. Over breakfast I perused the map to get an idea of where we were going and when.  140

Our first appointment was with Jalousie Plantation. An upscale resort with a great beach and nice villa accommodations. Right off the bat I knew these villas were out of our price range, but thought maybe one of their many dining areas could be used for a reception. Regardless, I’m just nosy and getting a private tour around the property sounded good to me.image

Upon arriving, the woman I had been in contact with had apparently gotten the dates wrong and didn’t realize we were coming, in fact she wasn’t even on the property! She asked to reschedule for later in the day, which we agreed to. Not the best first impression. Would she forget our wedding too??

Seeing as how our next appointment wasn’t until 1:00 we decided to kill time with a visit to Diamond Botanical Gardens, one of the commonly listed items on the St. Lucia “things-to-do” list.

For $8 (plus tip) we got entrance into the gardens plus a guided walking tour. Our guide pointed out the different types of unique island plants and flowers as well as gave us information on local fruits and vegetables.


It also turned out to be a great resource for wedding flower inspiration! There are so many beautiful options (in reddish hues nonetheless) that grow locally that I attempted to capture some of my favorites to remember later.

PicMonkey Collage- garden 2

The culmination of the gardens is Diamond Waterfall, which is formed by mineral-rich water from the nearby volcano.


It was a nice tour and was very informative. We would have had no idea what we were looking at had it not been for the guide, so I would recommend one to anyone going there in the future.

We then headed to our next appointment: Crystals.

From the website I knew ahead of time that this place was going to be…unique. Very bohemian, over the top decor, touches of the far east. The style actually works when you see it in person. The owner, Monica, has a passion for decorating and design and it certainly shows from the surroundings.


While we weren’t planning on getting married there they did have a number of reasonably priced villas that I wanted to check out and see whether or not it could be an option to offer up to our guests.

We got to tour the villas which were deceivingly large and ornately decorated. Each had its own full kitchen, flat screen, air conditioning and views.



After the tour we headed back to the bar and sat down for a drink and an appetizer that Monica had arranged for us. She told us about the different wedding options and her assistant, Jessica, played for us a video slide show showcasing the different wedding options.


We stayed and chatted for a bit until our next scheduled appointment made us take off.

The last for the day: Stonefield Estate Villa Resort. It is made up of 1-3 bedroom villas each with an amazing view, own pool, AC and a garden shower.  Situated at the base of the Pitons the views weren’t too shabby.



Although the price goes along with the views, a plus was that they had a spa on site for hair, nails, and girly pampering the day of the wedding.

While at Stonefield,  our contact from Jalousie called and asked if she could reschedule….again. This time, for the next day (reallllllly not impressing me here.)

It was quite the long day which left us a lot to think about. Thinking is best done with a cocktail in hand…


QUESTION OF THE DAY: How many different wedding venues did you look at before making your decision?