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We have returned! St. Lucia was absolutely wonderful and, assuming all goes well, picked out our ideal wedding location! Since we did a bunch of things (and took a ton of pictures) I’m going to do a series of posts on the trip instead of boring you with one extra-long one. So check back each day and follow along on our adventure.

DAY 1: Travel day

Z and I awoke at 3:45 Saturday morning and headed to the airport thanks to “Denise’s airport taxi service”. By 9:15 we were in Miami and by 2:00, St. Lucia. The airport there is quite small and we made it through immigration and customs with minimal wait time.


We picked up our rental car and so began the adventure of left side of the road driving. Z had never done it, but figured now’s as good of a time as any to learn. The island certainly tested him though as we first had to maneuver through a small town, stop for gas, and navigate windy streets all in some heavy rain. If we can make it safely through all that we figured we’d be set for the rest of the trip. image

Our Living Social deal was for four nights all-inclusive at Fond Doux Holiday Plantation. Upon arrival we were greeted by Katrina from reception who gave us a tour of the resort: our cottage, the pool, and the restaurants.



The tour ended at the bar for our “welcome drink” a delicious rum punch, the island’s signature drink. Caution: the rum is quite strong and hard to taste amongst the sweet guava juice. That being said it is the perfect drink to enjoy in a tropical location and quickly became Z’s go-to drink the rest of the trip.

We headed back to our cottage, Banana Tree, which was nice and secluded amongst the rainforest.



We got ourselves unpacked then spent then spent the rest of the time until dinner relaxing on the balcony. Z sampled the local Piton beer, which he gave a thumbs up to.


Dinner was at 6:30 and after a long day of traveling we were looking forward to an actual substantial meal. I ordered the plantation salad, made with vegetables grown right on the property and then a main course of BBQ chicken. Z enjoyed the vegetable soup and a pan fried king fish, typical island fare. For dessert we shared a slice of chocolate carrot cake with a side of homemade banana ice cream (I was too hungry to remember to bring the camera unfortunately).

We headed to bed early, both exhausted, and enjoyed listening to the rainforest sounds as we drifted off to sleep. Trip advisor reviewers had commented on how loud the noises were and that the person needed ear plugs. But seriously you’re in the middle of the rainforest what do you expect??


There’s lots more to come, so stay tuned!