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The pictures are in and I love them!

The first set of shots features our initial mugs. I had wanted something coffee-related seeing as how we’re both obsessed with the stuff. I found these mugs at Anthropologie for only $6 a piece. The local store in Harbor East had the letter K, but no Z to be found. The store clerk searched the database and no one in the surrounding area had it either! So she called up the catalog department for me and I ordered it right from the store. In doing that I saved on shipping and handling which would have been more than the mug itself (go figure).


As I mentioned, Brandon brought along his own equipment to turn our house into a photography studio!



The result:


Next stop, Canton Waterfront Park!

Samantha kept watch over our belongings as we headed down to the pier. Sure we got some odd looks from departing fishermen, but such is life.


Remember the time my foot touched the dirty harbor water and I was grossed out? pjh-wrnNkOXDWJthbo2rdWT5Ol7sID1sakbMB7iXbMM

The result:


It was then time for an outfit change and a picnic recreation shot.


The result:


Then a few more harbor-side shots:



Finally, back to the house for one last outfit.



I think we were able to capture the essence of “us” and that’s all I was really hoping for.

I encourage everyone to “Like” BKWarren Photography on Facebook and help support Brandon in turning his photography hobby into something more. If you’re in the Baltimore/DC area and are interested in getting pictures taken of any kind, go ahead and shoot him a message.

Now the question is….what to do with all of these pictures?

Question of the day: What did you end up doing with your engagement pictures?