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I’d say I have a pretty consistent eating schedule: large breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack, dinner. I am pretty much guaranteed to be hungry every two-three hours. This isn’t normally a problem. I make sure to pack myself lots of healthy snacks to take to work (I’m known there for my abundance of small Tupperware containers) and on my weekends I have the kitchen right there full of things to snack on.

Traveling takes this nice sense of routine and throws it out the window. The combination of less than favorable in-flight dining options, long travel times, and foreign cuisine can certainly take its toll.

In order to combat this I always make sure to pack Z and I tons of snacks whenever we go somewhere. Whether a road trip to Pennsylvania or a trek through Egypt, having healthy, familiar foods easily accessible makes for a much more pleasant experience.

For Egypt, I filled my carry on with animal crackers, Luna Bars, and single serving packs of trail mix. In addition, we would stop at local markets for our favorite snack: fresh-baked bread, spreadable cheese and honey. Deeeeelicious.


For our Mexico trip earlier this year I brought along packets of Crystal Light to liven up water as well as instant coffee (I NEED it to start my day). I threw in some Cliff bars (Z’s fav) which made for a nice crunchy topping to put on top of the yogurt we purchased at the market.


Now, here we are on yet another voyage and I once again filled my carry on with snack galore. Although we are staying at an all-inclusive we find ourselves constrained by their set meal times. For example, breakfast isn’t served until 7:30 or 8. For someone who wakes up between 5-6am most days, that’s a long time to wait. Having something to snack on is key.

I now present to you “K&Z’s Travel Snack Must-Haves”:



Although I’ve tried to reduce my consumption of pre-packaged processed protein bars in favor of natural protein sources (i.e. cottage cheese, greek yogurt, almonds), with a 3 hour strenuous mountain climbing hike on the agenda these will be a nice boost of energy to help us get to the top.



These NUTrition mixes by Planters are quite tasty. The “Energy Mix” is my favorite because of the sweet and salty combination of nuts and chocolate. Target also had these new granola-esque bars containing quinoa, oats and flax. Sounds like they could be tasty along with a piece of fresh fruit.



In Egypt we found ourselves aboard a sleeper train with an abysmal carb-loaded breakfast selection. We were able to salvage the apple that was provided, cut it up and dip it in some peanut butter for a more satisfying option. Ever since, I try to have these handy.



We threw in some instant Nescafe to use in the mornings to tide us over until that 7:30 breakfast. Not ideal, but coffee is coffee. As we did in Mexico, we brought long drink mixes to liven up plain bottles of water.



A traveling must-have! I chew it on the plan during take-off to help with ear popping, and always have it in my bag for those times when my mouth needs a refresher.



Never leave home without ‘em! Target had these nifty single-serving packs, there’s no way I could pass that up.

As you can see, quite a variety of options! I also brought along a honeycrisp apple for each of us as well as a handful of clementines. Although fruit cannot leave the country it was a fresh portable option en route.

And there you have it:  SSS (Secrets of St. Lucia Snacking).

Question of the day: Do you pack yourself snacks for the plane? If so, what’s your must have?