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Me and packing are not normally friends. I get myself way too stressed out about it, so much so that Z knows not to talk to me once I’m in the zone.

I tend to overanalyze and try and predict every potential situation I may come across and what I will need to wear/have with me.

When packing for Egypt I was met with the challenge of packing for 19 days which included time in the desert (hot days, cool nights), chilly mountain hiking, and beachside diving. Such a large range of activities to cram into one checked bag.

I took time to plan out potential outfits, with the goal of creating multiple looks out of a few simple pieces.

PicMonkey Collage

I’m proud to say that on that trip I wore every single piece of clothing that I brought. Quite the accomplishment for a known over-packer like myself.

Packing for this trip was no where near as daunting. We will be in St. Lucia five days and be in only one climate range. The weather forecast is calling for highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 70s. Seeing as how it’s the rainy season there’s a chance of passing showers each day.

The activities I need to pack for include:

  • Sunset drinks overlooking the Pitons and Caribbean
  • Meeting with resort representatives
  • Snorkling/beach/pool relaxation
  • Hiking

Here’s what I came up with:


This includes:


Two pairs of shorts and a few tops that can be mixed and matched to create a number of outfits. I intend on wearing these for exploring the island, hanging out in the hammock, meals at the resort, etc.

Up next: summer dresses.


I plan on making myself a bit more presentable for drinks at the villa as well as our meetings with resort event planners.

Finally: workout gear.


The resort where we’re staying has hiking trails and if we end up tackling the 3 hour mountain climb while we’re there, these will be needed.

While prepping for Egypt I did extensive research on packing/what to pack/how to pack/what to wear/what to avoid/best suitcases, etc. You name it, I Googled it. In the process I learned all about the “bundle” method of packing, which is supposedly the best for reducing wrinkles in transit.

After my clothes were laid out, it was bundle time. It’s simple really…

STEP 1: Lay out clothes in alternating pattern, starting with longer/heavier first.


STEP 2:  Obtain an object for the center of your bundle. A toilet kit, travel cube, any sizeable object to act as a core. I used three different freezer bags one containing workout gear, one with pajamas and one with bathing suits.


STEP 3:  Wrap garments from inside out around the core. This helps the clothes keep more of their shape instead of being folded into sharp creases.


STEP 4: Bundle complete! I loosely tied a ribbon around the whole thing in an attempt to keep the loose ends together.


STEP 5: Place in suitcase. You are ready to go!


STEP 6: Share the joys of bundling with others.


I also made sure to grab a good variety of reading materials for terminal sitting, airplane flying and hammock laying.


St. Lucia here we come!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you have any good packing tips? Tricks of the trade you’ve learned over time?