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After slacking off a bit last week, we attempted to return to normalcy this week.


Set alarm for 5:30. Enjoyed coffee and wake-up time until 6:30 then tackled the following, three times through:

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I was definitely feeling this the next day! If I had to guess I’d attribute this to the bridges and walking lunges. Thanks, thanks a lot.


I had a 45min dive at work. As per my previous post, diving is quite a serious workout that I’ve now going to start regularly recording in my weekly recaps.


My legs were still tight from Monday and my arms were a bit sore from Tuesday therefore we focused on abs. Since Wednesday is dance day for me it was only appropriate to do the following from Back on Pointe:



Rest and relax.


This morning we slept in…until 6am! Crazy, I know. After enjoying another cup of Zeke’s coffee and blog reading in bed we threw on running shoes and headed out the door.

We took a loop through Canton, said good morning to Mr. Boh, and ended at Safeway. We’ve been doing such a good job using our produce that we were out of apples as well as a vehicle for which to eat cottage cheese. So we picked up a couple of honey crisps and some Vans waffles and headed home.



DISTANCE: 2.33 miles        TIME: 21:31         PACE: 9.2 min/mi

I wanted to get in one last arm workout for the week after the run but I was famished by the time we got home. If there’s time tonight after packing my goal is:


(Check out the Back on Pointe site for a ton of fun workouts like this one!)

Now to get serious about packing! But first a trip to Target and Trader Joe’s is needed for last minute supplies and snacks.