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I decided last minute to take today off of work, giving me one extra day to prep before heading to St. Lucia on Saturday.

Z and I have been challenging ourselves as much as possible to use up all the food we have in the house before we leave. We misjudged it a bit and found ourselves using the last of the coffee yesterday morning. Gasp!

Last night Z walked down to Fleet Street Market, a small shop that opened recently carrying organic and local products. While not the cheapest, it has some really great things that Z and I treat ourselves to every once in awhile.


Yesterday was one of these times. Z came back with a bag of Zeke’s Coffee. They are a local “small batch roastery” which began selling their coffee in 2005 at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market. They have since gained in popularity and are well known here in Baltimore.

In honor of the current sporting situation around town:


Black and orange blend! How fun! It is their current featured coffee, and their website describes it as the following:


Although it wasn’t cheap (almost double the price of our usual coffee) it was delicious and a great way to support a local business.


Now that I’ve have coffee it’s time to tackle trip preparations.


I’ve been emailing back and forth with resorts to set up appointments to see their facilities.  While I’m still not sure where we’d like to have the ceremony, I figure looking at these places as potential lodging options for guests will be helpful as well.

Probably the one I’m most excited about is the private villa owned by a couple from the UK. The pictures look amazing and the reviews have been nothing but complimentary. The owners will actually be staying in the house the week we’re there and have invited us to come enjoy a drink with them during sunset. My kind of people!

While visiting these resorts is one of the main focuses of this trip, getting in some relaxation is priority number two. It’s been a busy fall so far and having time to take a breather, unplug and relax is very much needed.

Today I plan on making a list of things we could possibly do while we’re there: drive north to explore the capital city of Castries, check out the Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall, go for a hike, etc.


I  figure if we feel motivated and want to do one of these things, then great. If we want to just relax by the pool or read in the hammock then that’s fine too.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the whole packing thing to get to as well.  That’s a whole other story…