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This is my 100th post! Quite a milestone!

Therefore I am dedicating this post to another milestone that was reached: Z and I finally got engagement pictures taken!

As I mentioned previously, I wanted to get pictures done but didn’t want a photographer who would make us do a bunch of cheesy, weird poses. The photographer would also have to be someone we were comfortable around.

My college roommate, Samantha, had mentioned awhile back that her husband Brandon was getting more and more in to photography and might be able to take them for us. Brandon recently created a Facebook page for his work, BKWarren Photography.

When I stopped and thought about it I decided that would actually be a great idea. I’ve known Samantha and Brandon for years…

UMD, 2005

…and was even there to celebrate their wedding last year.

First dance

May, 2011

I emailed Samantha, told her my idea, and she promptly ran it by Brandon. He was in!

I busily got to researching, creating a file of pictures/poses that I really liked. I even gave Z homework and told him to find at least one that he found appealing. I then sent them to Brandon so he would have an idea of what it is we were going for.



The plan was to take some at the Canton park where we had our first date and, after an outfit change, take some of us just relaxing at home. Let’s face it, dressing up in fancy clothes and posing with serious faces is just not us.

But….what to wear?!

I headed to my computer and after a quick Google search found this handy-dandy list of tips from photographer, Eric Kelly.


He suggested things such as, “…wear something that reflects who you are and what you love….If you love pink, it’s your trademark color – wear that.” Obviously, I planned on wearing something red.

He also suggests that you and your fiancé wear complimentary colors or varying hues of the same shade. He notes rich colors photograph well and dark colors are slimming. All good tips.

Armed with this knowledge, Friday night I covered the bed with potential outfit selections for myself and then turned to Z’s closet for complimentary ensembles. 028

Brandon predicted the lighting to be the best early in the morning so he and Samantha arrived yesterday at 7:30am. That meant that I was up at 5 to shower and prep because as a girl who normally never blow dries her hair anything other than a pony tail takes some effort.

It was quite cold at 8am and suddenly the short-sleeve based outfit I had wasn’t seeming like the best idea. We started with some indoor shots while waiting for the sun to fully rise.

I was skeptical seeing as how the lighting in our house isn’t the best, but Brandon had a flash and umbrella light diffuser as well as his lovely wife as an assistant, and turned our home into a photo studio. The pictures he showed us came out quite well.

The next step was to venture to Canton Waterfront Park, home of our first date and many subsequent picnics.

0206-10 Two Year Anniversary (15)

While there we ran into another couple taking engagement pics as well as a family photographing their new baby. It was a popular location!

We went through two outfits, multiple locations and a plethora of poses. My barefoot accidentally touched the dirty harbor water at one point while sitting on the dock and I feared flesh-eating bacteria and my foot falling off. So far, I’m in the clear.

We headed back to the house around 10:45 and completed one last outfit change for pictures in our kitchen, on the couch and on the porch.


It amazed me how many nice features we take for granted upon seeing them everyday: the color of the wood kitchen table next to the green aloe plants with red pots, the dark green ivy in the back yard, the multicolored brick on the side of the neighbor’s house. All of these things created great backdrops for some casual “at-home” shots.

We wrapped things up at noon. Having taken over 150 pictures, and having been up since 5, we were all quite exhausted. We had such a fun time though! Brandon really focused on capturing natural, candid shots as opposed to posed ones. He told us to do whatever we felt natural doing, which was great.  Most of the time that involved laughing, talking to each other or gushing over the cute dogs in the park…basically things we do all the time. I think that will definitely come across in the pictures.

He sent me a link to the images last night and Z and I immediately went through all of them. There are some where I am mid-sentence and look weird (candids are not my forte) BUT there are others that turned out so so great.

I shall share them soon. Engagement pictures: check!