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This week was a busy one and therefore, unfortunately, workouts took a back seat.

Z was out of town for work which meant early morning trips to and from the airport to drop him off and pick him up. In addition this work week seemed lonnnng and zapped any energy I may have had.

My days off thus far have not been nice and relaxing but rather jam packed with attempts at productivity. On top of it all I have found myself with a sickly fiancé to care for. So there you have it: my excuses.

I did manage to get in a running/strength training combo workout that Julie at PeanutButterFingers recently posted:


I consulted Google Pedometer ahead of time to roughly estimate the one mile mark location on my usual waterfront route.

The first mile ended at the park across from the Canton Safeway. I used the grassy area there for the above workout.


Crunches x 50, annnnd go…


From there I ran along the water back towards Fells until I went another mile.


That put me at Henderson’s Wharf:


I must say the boards weren’t the most comfortable place for crunches, but I managed in favor of the view.

The run home was a half mile and I did the circuit one last time through in my living room.


Usually Z and I run or do strength work, but rarely both. Therefore running after squats and lunges added a whole new challenge. I liked mixing things up and if nothing else it was an excuse to get outside and enjoy a beautiful Baltimore fall morning. Dance class the following night provided a nice chance to stretch all those leg muscles.

Now Z and I need to rest up, stop being sickly, and get our heads back in the game before we head to St. Lucia next weekend.