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Scuba diving as a form of cardio?


Diving is a regular part of my job and after being underwater for 45 minutes the other day (and feeling completely exhausted afterwards) this led me to wonder, how many calories does one burn while doing this?

My intuition would say: a lot. There’s a lot involved.

First there’s the gear itself. Between the BC, tank and weights, you end up carrying around 30+ extra pounds of weight on your back.

Then you submerge your 98 degree body in colder water for an extended period of time. Hello thermoregulation! Calories must be burned to fuel you and keep you warm. Wetsuits help certainly, but only go so far in a 62 degree quarry…


Lastly there’s the diving itself. It requires a good amount of swimming and kicking (full straight leg flutter kicks are ideal). Not to mention pushing around a 30 pound power scrubber like we do at work.


That all sounds pretty intense. But what does it amount to?

When I plugged in my stats to the exercise database on Livestrong.com, it calculated the following:image

521 an hour?! While this would certainly vary with the type of dive that’s still a serious workout! Plus it’s one that comes with pretty awesome views:

fish 7rafting- sea turtle1-yellow striped fish needs id

Diving is something that Z and I both enjoy and can do together so that’s another bonus!


Good workout, good views, good company. Win win win for SCUBA!

Question of the day: What’s something that you do regularly that has hidden fitness benefits?