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I had taken out Fodor’s Caribbean travel guide from the library awhile back in hopes that in it I could find someplace for Z and I to get married. Our current strategy is to find a fun country that we would like to visit and then figure out the details surrounding a wedding from there.

This particular book was great in that within the first few pages they had a map of the entire Caribbean and a short one paragraph summary of each country.

I cast aside some having descriptions like “go here if you are looking for shopping and nightlife” or “not ideal if you are on a budget.” Yeah, no thanks to either of those.

My list of potentials, based on their descriptions, included: Grenada, Bonaire, St.Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia. As you can see, the smaller less touristy islands were most appealing.

After following through and reading the individual chapters I found myself most drawn to St. Lucia.

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This is the picture that had me hooked:

From what I’ve read St. Lucia is similar to Costa Rica (which I loved) in that it has a little bit of everything: beaches, diving/ snorkeling, rainforests, zip lining, hiking, even a volcano!

Neither Z nor I are “relax on the beach all week” type people.  We get bored. Therefore we prefer to mix up low-key beach time with days of physical activity and sight-seeing.

After some Egyptian beach time we headed into the desert to climb Mt. Sinai.

After reading the guidebooks as well as a plethora of Trip Advisor reviews, I came to the conclusion that St. Lucia has definite potential.

The accommodations include lots of villa resorts, as opposed to high rises, built up on the cliffs providing spectacular ocean views. One of the coolest I’ve seen has been Ladera:

The rooms only have three walls! Just you and a view!

In the midst of researching a Living Social Escape deal popped up not only for St. Lucia but the specific area of the island that I was looking at! Must be a sign!


Four days, all-inclusive, to be used by December. So now, in 11 days, Z and I are headed to the island for a “research trip”. We’ve rented a car and plan on driving to different resorts to scope out the options.

Our last research trip ended in disappointment, as after actually being there I realized it just wasn’t what we were looking for. I’m really hoping to not have to go through that again!

Stay tuned!