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When we moved into our house a few months ago I was excited by the flower boxes off of the second floor. So much potential! Well, here it is four months later and they have remained untouched….


With the approach of fall I start to feel an overwhelming desire to decorate. Leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, apples…this time of year provides so many inspirations and décor options!

When Zach’s mom was here last she suggested getting some garland and weaving it through the flower boxes. After a trip to A.C. Moore that’s exactly what I did. These were even on sale for $3.99 a piece!


I simply weaved it through the rungs which made it quite steady. Enough so that I believe it will withstand gusting winds or torrential rains.


The result:


For my next step I’d like to get some small pumpkins to put up there as well. I wasn’t impressed by the ones I came across during our errands this past weekend so the search will have to continue.

My second fall-themed decoration involved mixed gourds and a hurricane vase.


I love this vase. I can fill it with various different things depending on the holiday (cinnamon-scented pinecones have been one of my favorite). The reason I love it even more? I got it at the dollar store!

I’ve already got my eye set of this design for Christmas:

Christmas Centerpiece

(For a tutorial, click here.)

I had Zach bring up my Halloween decorations from the basement this weekend as well. I think I’ll wait a few more weeks for those though….

Question of the day: What’s your favorite way to decorate for fall?