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This week was a busy one! A six day work week and shift times not conducive to getting in morning workouts or afternoon runs.

Here’s what Z and I managed to squeeze in:

The Lean Green Bean recently posted a “Flip-a-coin” workout. Sounded like a fun way to mix things up so we gave it a try on Tuesday when I got off work.


flip a coin workout collage

We went through the entire thing three times. Z was in charge of coin tosses the first go-around, then I took a crack at it.

Fact: I do not know how to properly flip a coin.
Fact: It’s hard to capture a flipping coin in a picture.

coin flip

The workout was fun and between burpees, squats and lunges left my legs a tad tired. The following night at dance we did lots of leaping so needless to say walking was a challenge on Thursday.

Yesterday Z and I ran errands and after a morning full of shopping came home and attempted to get some arm and ab work in (my legs still need some recovery time).

We went back to another Lean Green Bean workout that I’ve shared here before:


It did not go well….we were just not feeling it. We both felt lethargic (even yawning between exercises). Maybe too much sleep is to blame, but we decided to call it a day after only one time through.

Even though I felt like maybe I should be pushing myself and completing it again, I realized that if I wasn’t able to give it my all than there really was no point. Perhaps it was my body’s way of telling me it needs more catch up time. It was a busy and somewhat stressful week so perhaps a bit more relaxation is in order. Nothing wrong with that.

This morning I couldn’t sleep and after laying in bed from 4-5am I got up and made myself coffee. With the early wake-up time, Z and I were out of the house for a morning run shortly after the sun came up.


Down to the Canton waterfront park and back. Not a bad view!



STATS: Distance- 2.55 miles       Time- 24:35          Pace-9.6 min/mi

Once again a pace under 10! Hooray!

After our run Z and I ate some breakfast and headed to the Fells Point Farmer’s Market to grab some produce. That was followed by an hour of house cleaning and now that we’re showered and put together we plan on getting things done around the house before heading to Trader Joe’s this afternoon.

Busy busy! Have a good weekend!