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This week I took full advantage of my random Sunday off by heading to the Baltimore Farmer’s Market & Bazaar with my friend Kelly who I know from dance class. She moved downtown this summer and happened to settle in Canton, a mere 10 minute stroll down the street.

As you know we have a Saturday Farmer’s Market in Fells, however I have heard tales of the greatness that is the Sunday Market under I-83. Kelly and her roommate are regulars so she played tour guide for my first experience.

It really is in an odd location (under the highway), but then again open expansive space is not easy to come by downtown.

We started off with a tour around the entire market. Just to give me a lay of the land.

In addition to produce there are various tents selling handmade jewelry, crafts, candles, clothing and more.


Kelly tries to arrive nice and hungry in order to take advantage of the delicious freshly made breakfast options. Her favorite? Crepes.


Look at all the delicious options! Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory they’ve got you covered. The one that stood out to me: Strawberry, banana & Nutella. Sounds like a winning combination.


Kelly opted for strawberry, peach and cinnamon, which she was kind enough to let me sample.


I had a crepe for the first time in my life back in March and seeing as how it was lunchtime I went the savory route. However after sampling Kelly’s sweet concoction it’s hard to say which I prefer!


After the breakfast pit stop we continued strolling.

Fall Favorites:

PicMonkey Collage- farmers market fall

Baltimore Specialties:

PicMonkey Collage-FM2

Flowers Galore:


Fresh Biscuits:

PicMonkey Collage-biscuit

With all the options it could have been overwhelming, but I was on a mission: find honey crisp apples.

They are hands down my favorite type of apple. Crisp. Sweet. Delicious. According to my research they ripen in early September so I figured my chances in finding them would be pretty good.

Sure enough!



Seeing as how I just bought a ton of apples for Z and I at Trader Joe’s yesterday I exhibited self-control and bought just four apples. Two huge softball sized apples (the best!) and two baby ones.

Look at the size of that thing! I had it along with my lunch and it was all I ever hoped it would be and more. Embedded image permalink

There were so many fun things! Even though I normally work on Sundays I could easily stop by on the way to work.

Another fun Baltimore experience I can check off of the bucket list.

Question of the day: What is your favorite type of apple?