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Since I was all fired up about pumpkin’s return I ran with that theme and baked pumpkin cookies. Yeah, I know….I baked again! What kind of Martha Stewart-Susie Home Maker spirit has gotten in to me?!

When I saw a post entitled “Easiest Cookies in the World” from Peanut Butter Fingers, I figured it would probably be something I could handle. And turns out they were just that…easy!

For starters, there are only TWO ingredients. That’s right….no eggs, no baking soda or powder (I have no idea what those things actually are anyway).

All that you need: a box of spice cake mix and canned pumpkin. 124

Combine the two and mix well. 126


Added bonus: No eggs = being able to lick the spoon without fear of illness.


Once everything was good and mixed I put dollops onto a sprayed cookie sheet. Since I love miniature everything I made some baby bite-sized ones in there too.

The PBFingers recipe suggested various toppings you could use but I couldn’t commit to just one. Therefore I made a sampler: plain, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate chips.


After 10 minutes at 350 they were good to go. As you can see the chocolate got just the right amount of melty.


These are phenomenal. They are extremely moist and I would almost classify them more as muffin tops than cookies. Whatever you want to call them, they’re good.

Z agreed. His exact words were, “this is why I’m marrying you.” I’d like to think I have other redeeming characteristics as well, but with how delicious they are I can understand his logic.

PUMPKIN coffee with a PUMPKIN cookie.


If I can do it, so can you. Make these (and then let me know how it goes)!


QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is the easiest thing that you’ve found to bake? Any suggestions?