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No, it’s not the holiday season, but with yesterday’s events I felt the same joy as a kid waking up on Christmas morning. It’s…


Although summer is still my favorite season (my birthday, beaches, summer dresses), fall is a close second. I LOVE everything pumpkin flavored, apple orchards, leaves changing, and slightly cooler temperatures.

The first sign that fall is approaching is always the arrival of pumpkin coffee at Dunkin Donuts. It traditionally rolls out the first day of September so the fact that I waited seven whole days to get one is quite the feat. Nevertheless, on yesterday’s to-do list a stop at DD was high in terms of priorities.

As we pulled in, the storefront windows signified what was to come….


Fall in a cup.


However there is one problem. Over the past couple years my tastes have changed and I tend to avoid any type of overly sweet beverage (that’s why I dilute fruit juice with club soda). Unfortunately DD adds pre-sweetened pumpkin flavoring instead of brewing pots of pumpkin-flavored coffee. This leads to an intense amount of sweetness that is no longer appealing to me. The picture above is a pumpkin iced coffee “black”.”

In order to solve this problem, Z and I ordered one pumpkin and one regular.


I poured them both in a container and gave it a good shake.


Voila! Reduced-sugar pumpkin iced coffee.


I was so happily content.

Then today at Target I found and immediately purchased the following:

Now all that seasonal goodness is mine to enjoy in the comfort of my own home!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are you a fellow pumpkin lover?