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This week Z and I kept to our usual pattern: strength training on late shift days plus a run day.

Monday we tackled “The Core Challenge.”  I have to say, the formatting of it makes it look free-flowing and fun. When you’re actually doing it however, it’s another story.

Challenge Core Workout

Core challenge indeed! We were planking all over the place! I hate them. But I love them.

Wednesday we took on a warm-up and full body workout from The Lean Green Bean.

mar12th1 Puppy Chow Almonds

Sooooo much jumping. I was worn out just from this and hadn’t even started the actual workout yet!

mar11th1 Puppy Chow Almonds

Note to self: go buy a workout timer. Z looking at his watch every few seconds just isn’t practical.

Wednesday night was the start of another year of dance. From now until June I will be spending my Wednesday evenings at A Step Ahead Dance Center. I’m so excited to have finally found a studio that offers an advanced adult jazz class. It’s great for stretch and flexibility work, as well as an opportunity to brush up on old skills and learn new ones as well (switch-leg leaps anyone?).

My legs needed some rest after Wednesday morning’s jumping extravaganza followed by leaps galore at dance class so our usual Thursday afternoon run was pushed back until this morning.

I was up at 5 (I’m really bad at this whole “sleeping-in” thing). After coffee and a slice of pb & j toast for fuel,  Z and I headed up to Druid Hill Park for a run around the reservoir.


I was excited to wear the new running shorts my mom bought me for my birthday. The lighting is tough in this picture but trust me, they are bright! Can’t miss ‘em.


We completed two loops around the lake for a total of 2.97 miles (should have gone a couple extra steps to make 3!).


I felt pretty good through it all and even pushed myself to increase speed towards the end. We ended up averaging 9.5 min/mi. Anything under 10 I consider a great success.

Now it’s time to be productive! I have a three day weekend and on top of that Z heads off for National Guard drill, which will give me plenty of girly baking/crafting time. I have big plans for myself! To-do list tackling starts now!

Happy Friday!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you have any fun plans this weekend?